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Scuba Diving

Gear up for one of the most amazing water sports activity in the waters of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The best part is that you need not know how to swim to witness the rich marine life.
You will start by practising in the shallow waters and once you get accustomed, “Splash!” and the undiscovered underwater unfolds before your eyes. There is no need to panic as you will be accompanied by expert dive masters who will look after your safety and comfort. Also, don’t forget to take a picture or two to cherish these awe inspiring memories later.


Underwater Sea Walking

Explore the magic of the underwater world as you go sea walking on the seabeds of the picturesque island of Andaman. With the help of a helmet and a visor, you will be able to walk past the exotic aqua life and the breathtaking coral reefs.
Before diving in, the experts will teach you the basics and sign language, which will guide you through your journey underwater. Treasure the magic moments spent with your loved ones as you take photos while exploring the jewels of the sea.



Put on your mask and fins and brace up for the dive underwater, with this must try water sport in Andaman. First of all, a professional session of snorkelling will be conducted post which you can slip into your snorkelling equipment and snorkel away into glory.
As soon as you take your first drip, the underwater kaleidoscopic colours and the quietude of the sea will leave you truly mesmerised. Also, there will be a guide to assist you throughout, to ensure that harm befalls you. So, put on your adventure mode and wiggle among the colourful fishes in the serenity of the sea.


Jet Skiing

If you have the need for speed, feel the thrill as you zip through the waves in a criss-cross way. The cool wind and ocean water sprinkling all over the face will make the experience even more memorable and charming.
Once you reach there, the accomplished experts will acquaint you with the basics of the jet ski. After the preparation, you will end up zooming through the sea and hustling against the breeze, which will ultimately satisfy your hunger for adventure.